Samantha Sweeting
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La Nourrice (come drink from me my darling)
One to one performance
Act Art, London.


La Nourrice (come drink from me my darling) is a one to one performance in which audience members are invited to suckle with the aid of a Supplementary Nursing System. Breastfeeding is dislocated from maternity, and explored as an expression of love and grief. It continues my research into stimulated lactation, looking at adult nursing as a means through which to re-think sexual play and gender difference. Milk, with its dual status as both bodily fluid and food, is ingested into the partner’s body in an intimate display of cannibalism, establishing a shared form of erotic tenderness.   

In conjunction with the performance, a single-screen video of a girl breastfeeding a lamb is played on loop.

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Becoming a Lamb or a Child review by Alex Eisenberg.