Samantha Sweeting
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illustration by Pablo Weisz Carrington

The Hearing Trumpet*
Performance and sound installation diptych
In collaboration with Lynn Lu
2 Nights with 2 Gyrlz, Performance Space
Unedited performance documentation by Marco Berardi

Night 1: Performance
The audience is invited to think of a childhood experience they have never told anyone. They then tell it to their neighbour, who passes along what they hear, in a game of Chinese Whispers, until the story reaches me. I murmur what I hear into a hearing trumpet held against Lynn's ear. Lynn breathes on a pane of glass and transcribes my words into the condensation. The audience catches glimpses of their secrets spelled out by Lynn's fingers and cast in shadow on the adjacent wall. A few moments later, the words evaporate.

Night 2: Sound installation
The hearing trumpet is attached to a wall. The audience places their ear to the mouthpiece to hear the stories I had whispered to Lynn the previous night.

*The title is taken from Leanora Carrington's 1974 novella.
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