Samantha Sweeting
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Dans le Jardin des Caresses
Solo exhibiton of works produced between 2004 - 2011
Blanc curated by Stempel
Ghent, Belgium

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taxidermy deer, framed texts, blood stained tissue, antique tailor's scissors, antique bird cage with speaker, framed photographs, decaying rose under glass jar, demijohn, pheasant and partridge feathers, television monitors painted white, glass jars with cork stops, human hair, white bed sheets, 2 metre high wooden bed painted white, ladder, headphones

Audio recordings:
voice recording of stories of love and heartbreak
voice recording of dreams that people have had about me
a pair of lovebirds singing

Looped videos:
a dead rabbit being manipulated like a marrionette
a lamb suckling from a woman's breast
a super 8 film of a woman sleeping
a woman undoing tangles in her hair

Live elements on the opening night:
lying in the bed with participants to listen to stories
a pair of lovebirds singing