Samantha Sweeting
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The Room Downstairs
performance installation via a long distance telephone line
Queer City Cinema, curated by Gary Varro
Neutral Ground Gallery
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


Telephone, arm chair, small room.
The telephone is ringing.

Hello? you say, lifting the receiver.
Hello, her voice replies. Can you tell me about the home of your childhood?


Central to The Room Downstairs is a long distance telephone conversation across time zones, where distant memories of infancy are disclosed to an absent stranger. Participants unlock the door to a small room, provisionally furnished with signifiers of the domestic, where they sit in a lone armchair to await a scheduled phone call. The telephone rings and a female voice requests a description of the participant's childhood home. From the mother’s womb to the doll’s house to the primary nest that acts as a blueprint for all subsequent shelters, The Room Downstairs is an exploration of the miniature and gigantic dwelling places of our unconscious.

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