Samantha Sweeting
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The Sanctuary of Tears
performance and sound/video installation
Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
7-15 June 2012

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The Sanctuary of Tears is a performance installation in which visitors are invited to share earthly sorrows with Samantha in an oversized doll's house puppet theatre. She soothes them with the milky tears of her breasts, as the silhouette of their confessions are cast in shadow on the walls of the house. A mechanical pump plays on endless loop as a white lamb suckles and the milks continues to fall.

Additional elements:

Looped videos:
close-up shots of a woman's mouth, breast and eye viewed through the door and windows of a doll's house
a series of close up images of a weeping breast and eye
a lamb suckling from a woman's breast
a super 8 film of a woman sleeping
a woman undoing tangles in her hair
silhouette of the breastfeeding performance projected onto the facade of the house

a field recording of ewes being milked on a sheep farm