Samantha Sweeting
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The House Falls Down
2009/ 2011
performance video, installaled in Asylum Chapel
Ubi Sunt group show curated by Jareh Das

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It was the end of our relationship and I wanted to do something to mark the rupture. It's an expression of hysteria - the arched back, the primal scream, the conflict between the fantasy of letting go and the shame that that release produces. It's about the emotional history that is housed in the body, both personal and inherited, mirrored in the crumbling and cracked stones of the barn. The screaming is only a part of it. The main interest is the interaction with the animals: the concern that my cats show for me when I scream; my confrontational love hate relationship with my pet sheep Oscar. I walked out on all of them.
This month was the first time I'd watched the video since making it 2 years ago, it's uncanny how much the walls of the chapel matched those in my video.